Top 10 Electric Tankless Water Heaters

Every year there are many appliances that are released to the market. One of the latest is the water heaters. Electric tankless water heaters are among the latest machines. They are gaining popularity at a rapid rate. Here, we will provide you 10 electric tankless water heater reviews.


It is one of the best options if you have a gas heating system installed in your home. You can use the button that is provided on the front to turn the heater on or off. This model can provide hot water in each room and for a long period of time. Even when it is using gas, it is very energy efficient since it knows when to use the gas and when not to. So, you are never wasting energy.

Rinnai RL94iN

Rinnai is known as one of the best companies in the business. They offer the best of appliances that you can buy from anywhere. They are almost a hundred years old. This particular water heater is a great example of why Rinnai is among the best. The price tag is a bit high, but it offers everything it claims to. It has 9 GPM of flow rate which is enough for the whole house. It can provide you hot water every time and anytime.

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus Electric TanklessThis particular model is on the list of some of the best electric heaters in the world. It is one of the smartest tankless water heaters. It has an advanced flow technology. It sets the water flow in such a way that you don’t experience unintended temperature fluctuations. It means that you will get hot water all the time without any interruption. It is by far one of the most powerful electric heaters in the market.


Rheem is one of the most famous brands in the world when it comes to water heating technologies. The model that is offered Rheem RTE 13 Electric Tankless Water Heaterhere comes with a very techy remote control panel. It can be used to set the range of water coming out. You can change the temperature to whatever you want using just the buttons. Rheem makes very energy efficient water heating equipment. This model is one of those. It has almost no dangerous emissions. It takes the least energy and makes the most out of it. So, it has a splendid performance and excellent energy efficiency.

Ecosmart ECO 27

ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water HeaterIt is one of the best-selling models in the market. That is because of its unmatched performance. It is one of the most powerful electric heaters that are available. It can cover a medium sized home and provide hot water to everybody. It is the perfect choice if you are living in a cold area as, at a very low-temperature, many heaters don’t perform very well. But at an extremely low temperature, this heater can give you 3 gallons of hot water per minute, which is pretty nice.

Eccotemp L5 Portable

This heater is one among the top 10 list just because of its eye-catching price. Where you can find gas or electric heater around $600, this one can come up with your expectations in just $120. And another thing that is very fantastic about this is that it is portable. It is also one of the best-selling water heaters. You can have this in long journeys where camping is an option. You can also use it around the house. It is a magnificent thing in the case of emergencies. It has a 1.4 GPM flow rate, and the temperature can be set from the dials manually.

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG

This model of Takagi is one of the most affordable ones when it comes to Takagi heaters. Where you can get another heater at the price of $800, this one can be purchased in just $500. It is one of the best options when it comes to the gas heating units. According to the price, it gives superb performance too. The quality is excellent. You can’t tell if this is a cheaper one of the Takagi’s. There are many people who have used this model and loved it.

Bosch WH27 Tronic

This model of Bosch is a very powerful and compact one and is very energy efficient. To be precise, we can say that it has the energy efficiency of 97%. And with that much efficiency, you can expect almost no power loss while on standby. You can install it very quickly. This one also has a sensor that allows it to monitor the flow. It can cancel out any kind of unwanted temperature fluctuation. That makes the machine to deliver the continuous hot water without any interruption at all. It can give out the water to many units at a time.

Noritz NRC661-DV-NG

Noritz comes on the list of some of the best water heaters that are out there. They are the top-quality providers, and hence they are expensive too. But there are many other expensive units that are way beyond an average person’s reach. The Noritz machines can be availed below $1000. This particular model is a gas heater that is exquisite in performance. It is very sturdy and can provide hot water to a big family. It can provide hot water all the time to multiple people at once.


At the end of the electric tankless water heater reviews, we have another Bosch water heater. It is a smaller version that can supply water to a single bathroom and can also give out hot water to the kitchen sink. This one can be used for more trivial purposes like using the sink or washing hands. You cannot expect to take long baths using this water heater. It is extremely energy efficient since it requires very less of it. If you want to have more performance, you can install this heater with one or several others.

Above were some models that ranged from $120 to $1000. Choose the one that suits you best!