Electric Tankless Water Heaters 2017

Moving into the year 2017, most homeowners need hot water on-demand. If you are currently using a traditional water heater tank then you may find it difficult to manage water temperature in your home. Electric tankless water heaters designed to handle heated water whenever needed, regardless of climatic conditions, are what today’s consumers are going for. The 2017 best electric tankless water heater you can find saves you the hassle, time and space due to its elegant design and advanced features. If you’re looking for the best electric tankless water heater for the best price, you’re in the right place.

2017 ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater

Whether or Not Electric Tankless Water Heaters Save Money?

The electric tankless water heaters are a source of unlimited hot water. These are also tagged as ‘Green energy’ for heating water without keeping a water tank hot 24 hours of the day. These are designed by keeping in view its storage capabilities which are really appreciated in the electric tankless water heater reviews. Due to its efficient and complex mechanism, the water heats up the water instantly. The Electric tankless water heater really saves money, but up to some extent as it also depends on how much water is used in a family. Too much water used for some other household purposes will increase the expenses but works much better when it is used for single-purpose. The initial price of the electric tankless water heaters reduces energy as well as gas consumption from 18 to 52 percent. Annually, it saves around $43 to $122.


The smart design of these tankless electric water heaters makes it solid as it will automatically adjust the internal settings so that the exact amount of water will be used which automatically saves energy.

  • Cost saving – As we discussed earlier, a traditional water tank unbalance the schedule of the family, initially the electric water tankless costs more as the comparison to traditional water tanker but there are unbelievable long-term savings. Because it is used as when it is needed which definitely reduce its cost? This specifically designed water heater heats up only as much as the amount of water as needed.
  • Energy Savings – It also reduces the monthly expediency as it saves energy due to its excellent features of automatically cut off when there is no consumption.
  • Instant Hot Water –The electric tankless water heater provides the on-demand hot water instantly when it is needed. If the consumption of hot water is more in a family then it is best in use as it provides hot water instantly. So, people need not postpone their bath due to insufficient hot water.
  • Long Lasting – The life of traditional water heater lasts for 9 to 10 years but the tankless electric water heaters last up to 25 years. So, it is best option to use electric heaters as the comparison to tankless water heaters. The people who want to sell an electric standard water heater, it will make an excellent selling point for them.
  • Space – The electric water heaters are designed specifically so that it will not cover the much space of a home. There exist different types of electric water heaters having different sizes but all are occupying the small space. A single tankless electric heater is just 20 to 28 inches in size, make it more solid. So, these are the most preferable to freeing up the home space.



The only negative aspect to this unit is the cost, which is admittedly a priority on the buying scale for tankless electric heaters. The initial cost of these heaters is around $400 which will be covered later as it saves energy. The electricity bills will be increased or decreased, it depends on the usage as the temperature of the heater drops if using it simultaneously.

The conclusion is that the tankless electric heater is the best due to its sky-scraping demand. This one is the perfect choice for nuclear families. It’s hard to find its disadvantages which itself is its advantage.