Electric Tankless Water Heater Issues You May Experience

The Electric tankless water heaters are more reliable and efficient than other water heaters due to its energy to keep the huge amount of water hot in a large tank. In fact, you’ll get the hot water instantly when you turn on the tap. These electric water heaters upgraded to provide more benefits to the people, but still after an extended period, the signs of low performance arises. Here we discuss some of the issues which can help you to fix it on time.water heater

Problems with Temperature

The water heaters are designed to provide the instant hot water when you need it. The temperature of the water heater heats the water at the level you set and according to your requirement of at what the standard of hot water you needed. But sometimes you have trouble in getting the hot water at the right temperature.

It happens due to two reasons. The one is that the temperature manually set by you is not properly due to which you will not get the required level of hot water that you can quickly fix it up. The other reason is that there is the problem with some part of the electric water heater, that part is known as a thermostat. The thermostat if not properly heat water or make the water hot too much then there is a clear vision that the thermostat is probably not working. So, to replenish to your hot water supply, you need to replace the thermostat. You can also change it on your own or can also take help of the heater repair professional to deal with the problem.

Do Electric Tankless Water Heaters Have Strange Sounds?

  • There are many reasons that you may hear the weird noises coming from the water heater. The problems occur may be
  • Temperature problem-The temperature element that is known as the thermostat is not working properly due to which the water become suddenly too hot or not heating the water.
  • The sediment being affected by the heating element- The item started burning the deposit which also creates the noise.
  • The heating element is burning itself slowly- when the heating element burns itself, it creates the strange sound in which you need to replace the heating element with the new one.

Unpleasant Odors?

Sometimes people feel the unpleasant smell of water coming through the water heater. That smell indicates that there is some problem in your water heater. It happens due to the excessive amount of sediments as the minerals that build up in your water tank in place of water which gives a rotten egg smell. The other problem is that maybe the anode rod interacts with the water, which gives the bad smell.corrosion-of-water-heater

System Overload; No Hot Water?

If many people in a family are using the enough hot water for the household and some other purposes, then it will cause your tankless electric water heater overloaded so it might be providing the insufficient supply of water or shut down altogether. In this type of situation, you need to either upgrade your water heater or replace the unit of the water heater.

Exhaust Blockage?

The exhaust blockage refers to the problem with the fan inside your tankless electric water heater. It means there is the problem with vent pipes are not linked correctly, or there may be holes in the pipe through which the gas leaks which can be checked by the professional with the help of equipment detects the holes in the tube. The other reason behind the blockage of the exhaust includes the nests, rodents, wasp nests inside the fan, which affect the fan motor and it stops working. It’s hard to detect this type of issue, so call the professional to fix it.

What About Water Heater Corrosion?

The electric tankless water heater is one of the best water heaters which are long-lasting and are less subject to corrosion as the comparison to other water heaters. But if it happens then it can lead to serious problems. The corrosion blocks the gas supply in which the condensation occurred leaked into the gas burner. If it is not detected soon, then it might be causing the water heater to shut down. It can also damage the heater completely if there is poor installation but if it is proper, then there is no need to replace the water heater.

At the end, the maintenance of the water heaters is necessary for getting the sound quality of hot water and for its outstanding performance and efficient working for the long span of time. It is important to clean your heater after some period or if you feel any problem, call the professional for the water heater repair to fix the problem for its continuous working.