Dealing With Hot Water Requirements For Your Home

best-tankless-water-heater-pros-consWhile planning your dream house, one of the vital issues is, how to provide your family with enough hot water for various purposes. When you think about the various facilities that are to be installed in the house, water heater occurs somewhere at the top of the priority list.

The conventional water heaters have storage tanks. The water gets heated inside the storage unit and flows out when you open a tap connected to it. The amount of water you can draw at one time depends on the capacity of the reservoir. You have to switch on the water heater sufficiently early before the use, for the water to get heated.

That was the old story. Now technology has added speed to the entire activities of human life. Water heater is no exception. Decide to install one of the top rated electric tankless water heaters and you can be sure of opening the tap to get hot water immediately. The wait time is almost zero. However, like the proverbial coin, these have their advantages and disadvantages. You have to take a good stock of them before deciding which type you want for your house.

Pros and cons of traditional water heaters


Considering the initial cost, definitely, the conventional water heater will appeal to you more than the tankless model. The initial expenditure of the former is affordable even for the low income population.traditional-gas-water-heater

When you have to replace it eventually, the storage water heater is definitely cheaper.

Maintenance of a traditional water heater is very simple and the user can do it without any professional help.

Another advantage of the traditional water heater is that its installation cost comes only to half of that of the tankless system.

Plumbing for the storage water heater is much simpler than that of the modern tankless model because the former does not need a vent.


All the same, it may escalate your electric bill during the winter. The traditional water heater is not very energy efficient, because the system gets heated and reheated several times when it is in use.

The storage tank of the traditional model is space consuming. So sometimes it causes much inconvenience in small bathrooms and kitchens.

If there are many persons to take bath, they have to be content with lukewarm water from the storage water heater. They may have to wait a bit before the water gets suitably hot.

Pros and cons of the tankless water heaters


The tankless water heater is extremely energy efficient and hence, expenditure-friendly. The system does not need to reheat repeatedly and so uses energy only for the hot water you use.

You are able to get hot water as soon as you open the tap. This means hot water can be utilized from more than one point simultaneously.

The tankless unit is exceptionally compact and you can install it wherever you please, even if the space is limited.

The best tankless water heater is environment friendly because the NOx emissions are low.

You can control the temperature of water to suit your need.


The upfront charges are enormous as far as the low income population is concerned.

The installation charges are often 100% more than that of the traditional model.

Repair, replacement and maintenance of the tankless water heater are comparatively higher.


Choosing the best water heater for your house

You have to choose the model that suits your overall requirement of hot water and your budget.

If your budget is small, you will have to choose the storage water heater. But remember that the best tankless water heater will prove to be more economical in the long run.