Choosing Between Electrical And Gas Tankless Water Heaters

While agreeing upon tankless water heater being a better option for coping with your hot water requirements, you still have to choose between an electrical and gas tankless device. If only one of the fuel alternatives is available to you, you are saved from the dilemma. But the   conflict mounts when both gas and electricity can be at your disposal.

choosing an electrical tankless water heaterIn this case, a careful and protracted research on the subject is called for. You need to weigh each aspect carefully to decide what is good for you. The two models vary greatly right from the cost of the unit to repair and maintenance.

The electrical tankless water heater definitely looks more attractive in terms of the cost of its unit. The cost of the gas fired tankless water heater unit is double of that of the electrical model. While you can have an electrical heater unit for anything between $400 and $500, the gas heater will cost you a whopping $1000. This upfront cost is against the gas fired system.

Coming to the installation charges, the gas tankless water heater is exceedingly expensive. The gas connection and vents involve extensive plumbing jobs. This will cost you a packet. If you do not already have a gas connection to your house, it escalates even higher. Meanwhile, installation of the electrical unit is easier and cheaper. At the most, you will have to tweak the amperage of your house connection, in order to put up with your electrical water heater. But in comparison, it will still be more economical than the gas model.

Gas is cheaper than electricity. So the working expense is cheaper if you opt for gas as the fuel. This is a plausible reason for you to think seriously of favoring gas. But gas being a fossil fuel, is slowly and steadily becoming scarce and so more expensive by the day. It is only reasonable to presume that before long the gas price2017 Reviews Of Electric Tankless Water Heaters may overtake electricity charges, in which case, the gas model may grow less appealing.

As far as efficiency is concerned, the electrical tankless water heater has a higher score. When the efficiency rate of the gas heater is 80-85%, the electrical one is rated at 99%. Moreover, electrical water heater is cheaper when gas is scarce and costlier.

The gas fired tankless model can dispense more hot water at a time than the electricity powered model, while the wait time for both is almost the same.

Maintaining a gas tankless water heater is an elaborate and tedious affair. Naturally, the service expenditure is more than that of the electric water heater. The electrical tankless heater service is simpler and hence cheaper.

The electric tankless water heater has more service life than the gas tankless water heater.

Choosing the best electric tankless water heater for your home

Since both the tankless models have their own ups and downs, it is for you to make the choice. It is wiser first to calculate the level of hot water need of your family and choose the water heater accordingly. If your family comprises more than four people, obviously your hot water requirement is large.

So, if your house already has a gas connection and you have to provide hot water for several members, it is better to opt for a gas fired system. But if your family consists of four or less number of members, go for the best electrical tankless water heater.