Can Solar Electric Water Heaters Be Your Best Investment?

The solar water heaters are one of the best water heaters in the market. These are two types – a solar water heaters, and a solar electric water heater.

Now this begs the question – “What do I buy? The solar water heater or the electric solar water heater?” To get out of this confusion read this article, which helps you to know the importance of water heaters.

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Both the heaters are the best and are affecting the environment equally up to some extent. It depends on you, that what capacity of solar water heater you’ll need, how much you are using it and the numbers of panels you are installing? There is the full requirement of energy and raw materials for the manufacturing of Solar water heater and solar electric water heater. The solar water heaters consist of the photo-voltaic system that regains the energy for the production within 2 to 3 years. It is available in various categories like:

  • One is the residential solar water heaters which consist of one or two rooftop panels.
  • In some water heating systems, the water is running into the tubes through control panels.
  • Some are the systems, in which the cell consists of an antifreeze-like liquid that passes the sun’s energy to water with the help of heat exchanger.

The solar water heater heats the water according to different temperatures. In the sunniest climate, the heater heats up the water at just 200 degrees, on the hand, in cooler areas, it will heat the water to maximum temperature. The hot water then flows into a water tank that looks just like your standard water heater.

Electric Water Heating System Problems

Following are some problems with the heating systems which can help you to buy a right water heater.

  • The photo voltaic heating systems are complex also covers large space. So, most of the people use 20 to 40 panels to cover their roofs. When the electromagnetic rays strike on these groups, it will produce a flow of energy in the system.
  • The solar water heaters are more efficient than the photovoltaic system as the sunlight is more efficiently used by the solar water heater.
  • The silicon utilised in the photovoltaic systems cannot be able to come in contact with many wavelengths of light as the comparison to the solar heater which can cause the wastage of some light.
  • Solar water heaters convert around 70% to 80% of the sunlight into heat, but in a case of photovoltaic cells, only 25% of sunlight consumed.
  • Where there is the huge amount of users, the photovoltaic cells are much better for them and the environment.
  • The solar water heater reduces your utility bills, the usage of hot water for all the household purposes, consumes the electh20heaterspyricity of 4800KW, to meet your requirements. But the solar water heater offers you the same amount of water at the low cost of around $200.
  • The solar water heaters are not in much use in the morning for the bathing and other household purposes. In the morning, it’s just started heating up the water for the day. In the evening, that water becomes cooler leads to wastage of a large amount of energy.
  • The installation cost of the solar water heaters is less than the solar electric water heaters. The solar electric water heaters installed at the price of $15,000-$20,000. The photovoltaic cells are cheaper than the both, which costs you about the 1/3 of the expense of the both.

Overall, the solar electric water heaters are much better than the others. It is a long-term investment as the warranty of these heaters is of 25 years.