Best Tankless Water Heater To Enhance Your Home

The best tankless water heaters on today’s market are the talk of the town as the availability of gas is reducing at a considerably high rate. People have a serious problem generating warm water in freezing weather conditions. Therefore, people have started to prefer tankless water heaters which can heat the water on electricity. While choosing the water heater, one must know about its advantages and disadvantages.


Benefits of water heaters:

The units consumed by these heaters are economical and stay within your pocket range. It is almost 1/3 of the cost you are paying already. Water heaters can provide you with warm water at all times. They have instant heaters to provide you with hot water throughout the day. Water heaters are one of the best investment you’ll make. It is a unique product from a good company. Many businesses have started to manufacture water heater as they are becoming popular at a significant rate. Having to choose a tankless water heater from a vast choice has made it easier for you as one can buy the best that suit his pocket. Buy the best tankless water heater according to the number of bathrooms you have. Even if one is living alone or in a big family unit, one of these water heaters is surely the best investment you will make.

Rheem RTE 13 Tankless Water Heater Review:

Rheem is one of the top selling tankless water heaters currently. It is the best investment for a single bathroom apartment or two-bathroom shower having a flow of 1.5GPM. It is a great choice if you are living alone or with roommates sharing a single bathroom.


 The advantage of Rheem:

    It is reasonably priced and easy to buy.

    It is compact in size which is again a plus point if you are living alone having a single bathroom with limited space.

    It is an electric heater.

    Installation charges will be less and manageable

    Even it suffices for a year or two it is cost effective as it will pay off the money you invested.

    Buyers have been quite satisfied with its services and warranty.

    It has a shower flow of 4 gallons per minute. It means warm water will also be available to person washing hands in the sink in the other bathroom.

    Even while having such a good flow rate, it is compact in size and gets installed anywhere easily. You can get it under the sink, or you can get a small cabinet installed at the side of your wash basin.


The disadvantage of Rheem:

    Having a small unit means it is not the most powerful.

    Two shower head cannot be used simultaneously.It is out of the question.

    Can’t get higher than 4 GPM flow.

   It is only beneficial or can meet the need of two people so it is not the best investment for a family of 4 or 5.

    It is not very beneficial in extreme weather conditions.

    It is not suitable for places having freezing weather.



Experts say that it is only suitable for single bathroom unit or for one or two people living together. Its flow is not the best you’ll come across. It is reasonably priced. One can install it in a larger family if you use it wisely but it is not the best of choices. Mostly it is popular because it pays off its cost. The price is worth the features.


Ecosmart Electric Tankless Water Heater Review:

ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water HeaterEcosmart has one of the most powerful compressors you’ll come across. It is for the bigger family unit. It is very beneficial in extreme weather. Built to heat on demand, the product is highly useful even for the coldest area. It can suffice with two or three showers being used simultaneously. In places where weather conditions are freezing, the recommendations are to us it for a single bathroom. For people having a large family, you can use it for the whole unit in moderate climate condition.


Pros of Ecosmart:

    It is excellent in extremely cold weather for 2-3 showers.

    It doesn’t let your water pipes freeze in winters.

    Having a flow of 3GPM, it can even go up to 6 GPM of flow if required.

   Even while having the flow of 6 GPM it can provide warm water in two showers at a time.

    It is affordable.

    It is more effective and efficient.

    It has an inbuilt mechanism to adjust its temperature according to the demand and weather conditions.

    It is effective and is also cost saving and energy saving which results in having high efficiency and more accurate output.

    Ecosmart warranty can be transferred from one owner to another.

    Experts say having eco-smart water heater will help to sell your house more quickly.


Cons of Ecosmart:

    People using it were not satisfied with its flow rate.

    It didn’t provide them with hot water in extreme cold for more than 3 showers.

    It has not proven to be beneficial for a larger family and can only meet the needs of maximum three people of a family of five in extreme conditions.

    Customer care is again not very competent,  people are disappointed with their response and efficiency.

    Some people say that it’s not the best investment you’ll make.

    Units also have functionalities problem.



It is suitable for a medium sized family of four. It is reasonably priced and can provide warm water. It is cost effective and efficient. Better for less cold weather conditions. The flow of water is comparatively better and is a good choice if you don’t require too much hot water.


What’s The Best Electric Tankless Water Heater To Choose?

Your choice for the best tankless water heater will depend upon the size of your family and the usage of warm water. Some of them offer better flow and warranty as well as they are cost effective depending upon your requirements. Many factors come into play while choosing the water heater and all of which are necessary and important. It is best for you to shortlist your requirements then buy it.