Best Electrical Tankless Water Heaters For Energy Conservation

Traditional water heater vs Tankless water heater

The Best Energy Conserving Tankless Water Heaters

Traditional water heater is the type that sports a storage tank. The hot water is stored in this as long as you like. Every time the temperature of the water goes down, the heater comes on to heat it. This is a built-in thermostat enabled system.

But the negative aspect of this conventional device is that it wastes a lot of energy in keeping the water hot till you want to use it. This undoubtedly makes your electricity bill soar, knocking a dent on your household budget. When you use the best tankless water heater, your energy charges will have a decided 15 – 20% plunge.

The tankless water heater, on the other hand, does not have a storage tank. The heating system called ‘heat exchangers’ comes on, as soon as you turn the tap on. Another convenience is that the temperature can be adjusted to your liking, in the case of the tankless model.

The cold water is heated on its way to the tap by extremely powerful heaters powered by electricity or fired by gas. So you use the energy required only to heat the water you use. In spite of the tankless system not storing hot water, you get a continuous flow of hot water as long as you like.

When you take hot water from a traditional heater, it gets exhausted after a while and you may have to be satisfied with lukewarm water. But in a top class tankless water heater you can get any amount of hot water continuously. Its powerful heating system makes this possible.

storage-tank-electrical-tankless-water-heaterThe best tankless water heater is more durable than the traditional one, as storing hot water for a long time will damage the inner part of the traditional model. As the water is heated repeatedly in a traditional water heater, the minerals in the water form ‘scales’ inside the storage tank, reducing its efficiency. The water flow is maintained continuously in a tankless version, so that it doesn’t get time to affect the equipment.
If you are thinking of installing an electric tankless water heater, you should consider the hybrid varieties also. There are non-condensing and condensing varieties. The non-condensing model has only one heat exchanger and needs a vent for the exhaust. But the condensing model features an additional heat exchanger that uses the exhaust to heat up more water. In the context of energy conservation, this model is considered to be more efficient and it is more recommended because it can accommodate more consumption points.

Types of tankless water heaters – Electric as opposed to gas fuelled

Two versions are available in the best tankless water heaters – the ones that use electricity for heating water and others that use gas as fuel.

how electric tankless water heaters workThe gas fuelled version is widely accepted to be more efficient than the electric one. This can heat more water in a short time. If you plan to have a water heating system for the whole house and for both bathing and other household appliances, it is better to install a gas tankless water heater.

Talking about its down-points, the gas water heater will need vents for the exhaust. This will require extra plumbing and a hike in installation charges. All the same, if you can ignore the upfront charges, the best gas fired tankless edition will prove to be more efficient.

The gas tankless water heaters come with two kinds of ignition systems. One maintains a pilot flame for ignition and the other works with electronic ignition. The electronic ones are expensive but considering the energy efficiency, they are more competent, as the pilot flame will consume more gas.


Installation blues

Installation of an electric tankless water heater is more than a DIY job. Besides, it will cost you more than the installation cost of a traditional water heater. It needs a lot of electric installations and elaborate plumbing and so it is a job for a professional. Any glitch in the installation will result in the malfunctioning of the water heater. It being a heavy-duty equipment, the water heater may affect the electric installations of the whole house, if not properly installed.

This is the reason why some of the dealers give a conditional warranty, the condition being the system to be installed by a professional.

Choose a place which allows adequate ventilation. If the installation is done on an exterior wall it is easy to plumb for the vent.

The unit should have sufficient space on all sides and should be at least 45 inches off the floor.

Installation of a tankless water heater requires a considerable amount of plumbing. So it is better to plan for it as and when you plan for a new house.

If you want to replace your conventional water heater with the best tankless model, you have to take the help of an expert. Your existing electric connections may need a little tweaking before it can accept the burden of this heavy-duty installation.

Tips for choosing the best electrical tankless water heaters

You should think of the daily hot water requirement of your house, depending on the number family members. This will help you to choose the most suitable water heater for your house. Choice of the tankless water heater of the apt capacity helps in the conservation of energy.

Your second consideration should be the fuel options. You can pick your option from propane, natural gas or electricity. If you plan to have a whole house model, it is better to choose gas.

Decide on the model of your water heater, depending on your installation space. If cannot spare much space for the unit, go for a sealed combustion model.

You can have a small point of use system for your wash basin besides your whole house system, in order to get small quantities of water without much delay.

A hybrid model will suit you well, if energy conservation is your priority.

While choosing the water heater unit, it is recommended that you take your ground water temperature into consideration. In colder regions you have to choose a unit with a higher heating capacity.

Be sure that you look at the warranty stipulations of the tankless water heater before fixing on a product.

If you choose the best electrical tankless water heater, you can be sure that you have done your part in the global energy conservation drive.